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Garlic - Our Specialty!

We have been growing garlic for twelve years, and have found that the following varieties are reliable, tasty and produce very well on our farm in the Kootenays.  We are offering limited quantities of all varieties for the 2019 planting season, so please order early as quantities are limited.  We ship throughout Canada, and our price is $12/pound plus shipping.

Rocambole Hard Neck Garlic

Well known for their true rich garlic flavor.  Culinary favorite with many because of their full bodied complex taste.  Very large bulbs, 8 to 10 cloves per bulb.  Looser wrappers make them the shortest storing garlic – 3 to 4 months from harvest.  

German Red - Brought to Canada by German immigrants.  Large bulbs with easy to peel cloves.  Full bodied, strong and hot. 

Russian Red - Brought to B.C. by Doukhobor immigrants from Russia in late 1800’s, early 1900’s.  Large bulbs, brownish purple wrappers.  Amazing flavor and very popular! 

Baba Franchuk - Large bulbs with dark purple wrappers.  Robust garlic taste that is smooth and lingers.  

Porcelain Hard Neck Garlic

The most beautiful garlic with parchment-like, satiny white wrappers.  Porcelains are the densest of all garlics and have the highest yields of allicin, the sulfur compound associated with therapeutic benefits.  Intense, hot garlic flavor.  They store longer than most garlics – 4 to 6 months from harvest  

Georgian Fire – medium strong, pleasant heat, popular for salsas.  10 to 12 cloves per bulb. 

Polish Hardneck – strong complex flavor.  Beautiful big cloves 4 to 6 per bulb. 

Susan Delafield – Strong flavour, a spin off of “Music” garlic.  Large bulbs 4 to 5 cloves per bulb.  Grows well in wet conditions.

Asiatic Garlic

The  earliest of all the garlic to harvest – weeks before the rest are ready!  Very productive and reliable garlic.  Medium sized bulbs with 8 to 12 cloves.  Spicy rich taste.  Stores well 4 to 6 months from harvest. 

Asian Tempest – hot as a firecracker!  Originally from South Korea, beautiful deep purple striped bulbs with exceptional flavor.

Purple Stripe Hardneck Garlic

Beautiful garlic rich in flavor and complexity – another culinary favorite!  Tastiest for roasting.  Genetically they are the closest to the origins of the species.  Easy to grow, medium sized bulbs with 8 to 12 cloves per bulb.  Mid range keepers 3 to 5 months from harvest.  

Bogatyr – another good roaster from the Moscow area.  Beautiful large bulbs, long lasting bite.